Window Replacement – How to Make it Easy to Install

window replacementA window replacement project is something most people are well aware of. The proper installation of a window, especially a replacement one, is a major undertaking. However, not everyone has the knowledge or equipment to properly do this work.

If you can’t get the job done by yourself, and you’d like to avoid the expense of hiring a professional contractor, you need to have a good idea of what you need to do. It’s better to know this now, rather than have to keep working around it later. If you don’t, you may find yourself faced with wasted money and a botched installation that is going to cost you money again, plus more.

First, make sure that the wooden window casings are set properly. The hinges should be locked, and the bottom glass pane of the window in place. That way, when you install the frame, there will be no chance of the frames rubbing against the wood. Some people choose to use metal spacers instead of wooden spacers to save money, but that’s a decision for another article.

Next, you need to get the bracket firmly into the window, both on the frame and on the top. The brackets are the only things holding the frame into the window, so make sure that the brackets are screwed firmly into the wood. If you are using aluminum, you can use the screws to hold the brackets into the frame, but if you are using plywood, a screwdriver is more likely to become loosened from the stress placed on it. That will cause damage to the window and make it impossible to re-install the window casing.

Once the bracket is securely in place, the rest of the process is pretty much the same as any other window replacement. If you haven’t installed the frame before, you may want to have someone do this before you start installing the next one. Many companies offer new windows at a lower price because they use lower-quality materials and install their frames with no effort at all. When you install the new window, however, you will need to replace the old frame with the new one.

To do this, you must cut out the old frame, and drill new holes in the wall to attach the new frame. This is best done by someone who is familiar with installing wood. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Then, you can take the two pieces of plywood and put them together, overlapping the piece in the middle to hold the window frame in place. You will need to screw the plywood into the window frame and into the frame, using nails, screws, or nuts. This is usually done with adhesive or glue, so it should be able to be removed after you’re done.